Best Free Conference Call Services - How to Choose the Right Ones

Free conference call services are usually offered by Internet Service Providers (ISP) and also by various communication service providers, or ISPs. Although they sound great, do they really deliver the goods? In this article, we'll answer the question: Do free conference call services work? In addition, we'll discuss some pros and cons of these services.

There are two major benefits of free conference call services. First, the participants need not pay any fees to participate in the meeting, so there is no financial cost involved. Learn more about free conference call. Second, the quality of the conference call is high-quality, and hence, there are few reasons why people should avoid using them. In general, there are three main benefits of high-quality conference calls:

Document Sharing is one of the major advantages of free conference call services. Through them, people can easily share documents such as presentations, manuals, newsletters, etc. with other people who have an online connection.

Toll-Free One of the biggest disadvantages of using a free conference call services is the lack of availability of toll-free numbers. When you dial a toll-free number, you won't be able to avail of operator assistance. Thus, if you need any technical assistance with your meeting, it would be impossible for you to get it. But what about those meetings which require international audio/video conferencing? Since most web conferences these days support toll-free calls, this issue should not be a problem at all.

International Numbers Most free conference call services do not allow you to make use of toll-free numbers in their operations. If you are part of a global organization, you might also need to worry about the absence of international numbers in your conference calls. Get more details about free call recording. Imagine the difficulties in arranging a meeting between different members of different countries and their respective managers and heads. What if you are traveling to another country for your business?

Screen Sharing A very effective means of allowing people to communicate while traveling is by making use of a computer screen. However, using the computer screen in such instances is not possible due to the distance, where a person can not see his keyboard, mouse, or the monitor. This is where free conference call services come in handy. With these, people can have their own interactive computer screens with which they can join the meetings that they need. Learn more from

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